Lucky lotto air blowing ping pong ball game electronic draw ball lottery machine

Ball Capacity:
Machine type:
Air mix lotto draw machine ,Air-blowing lottery machine
Lottery Bet,Bid, Auction, Games Room, or other profession area, like celebrate in factory and company
Option function:
Remote control functions, RFID functions etc
Using time:
7*24 hours operation

Lucky lotto air blowing ping pong ball game electronic draw ball lottery machine

IMYJOY is a leading manufacturer and supplier of lottery machines in China. The company offers a wide range of lottery machines, including mechanical, electronic, and computerized machines. IMYJOY's lottery machines are designed with the latest technology and are widely used in various industries, including government-run lotteries, charitable organizations, and casinos. The company's mission is to provide high-quality and reliable lottery machines to its customers around the world.

Product detail

Product Name Air mix lottery
Model IMY-A380
Size 125*53*53cm
Weight 39KG
Capacity 50 pcs balls
Power 200w

Lottery machines are devices used torandomly select winners in lotteries or raffles. These machines come in varioustypes and are used in different markets and industries around the world. Themost common types of lottery machines are mechanical machines, electronicmachines, and computerized machines.

Customize service

IMYJOY can customize lottery machines base on your requirement, Except the machine outlook , color and logo , we can also customize extra function for you, like  Remote control functions, RFID functions etc.

The Advantage 

The advantage of an air mixing lottery machine is that it increases the randomness and fairness of the lottery drawing process. By using air to mix the lottery balls or tickets inside the container, the machine can ensure that each ball or ticket has an equal chance of being selected. This randomness is important for ensuring that the drawing process is fair and unbiased, and that all participants have an equal chance of winning.

Additionally, an air mixing lottery machine can be more efficient and cost-effective than other types of lottery drawing machines. Because it relies on air to mix the balls or tickets, there are no mechanical parts that can wear out or break down, reducing the need for maintenance and repairs.

Overall, the advantages of an air mixing lottery machine include increased randomness, fairness, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Main Markets

Lottery machines are used in variousindustries, including government-run lotteries, charitable organizations,casinos, and amusement parks. The market for lottery machines is mainly incountries where gambling is legal and regulated.

Application areas


Bid, Auction, Games Room, Lottery Bet and all other profession, such like celebrate in factory and company, estate and other lottery activities.


Package Safe package: wooden box
Payment terms: 
T/T 30% deposit and 70% balance before delivery/Cash/Western Union
Leading time: 
7-15 business days after receiving deposit (Mass order excluded)
After-sale service: 
12 months warranty against shipping date

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