Lottery competition games 4cm EVA solid balls for bingo games, lotto draw games

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Ball size:
40mm diameter
Printing side:
6 sides printed
Ball Weight:

Lottery competition games 4cm EVA solid balls for bingo games, lotto draw games 

For lottery machine, it will need use ping pong balls or solid balls to make the lottery drawing actives. The balls are dropped into a chamber which spin in opposite directions, mix the balls. The operator actuates a sliding door at the bottom of the mixing chamber. One at a time, balls pass through a clear tube into a clear display area where the numbers can be read. An optical sensor detects the passage of each ball, allowing only the correct number of balls to pass through the doorway.

The lottery balls have number on it, it suit for lottery events or company celebration to choose the lucky gun. It can use on mechanical lottery machines, air mix lotto draw machine, bingo games, luck draw games etc.


 Product detail


Items Type Bingo lotto balls 
Size(cm) L*W*H 4cm*4cm*4cm
Ball weight 3.88g
Ball color Green/Blue/Red/Pink/Black/Orange etc


Application areas


Bid, Auction, Games Room, Lottery Bet and all other profession, such like celebrate in factory and company, estate and other lottery activities.

Customize service

IMYJOY can customize lottery machines base on your requirement, Except the machine outlook and color , we can also customize extra function for you, like  Remote control functions, RFID functions etc.

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